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THR allowance is a mandatory allowance for workers in Indonesia  to celebrate religious holiday.

In Indonesia, it is mandatory for employer to pay one monthly salary/wage a week before their employees religious holiday celebration.  This unique allowance is called THR (short for Tunjangan Hari Raya Keagamaan) which I loosely translate it as Religious Holiday Allowance.

This THR mandatory allowance is regulated in Indonesian Minister of Manpower Regulation No. PER-04/MEN/1994 tanggal 16 September 1994.

I have summarized from that regulation as follows:


  • that Indonesian society  is a society of religion believers which celebrate religious holiday every year according to their own religion;
  • that workers need additional cost for the celebration;
  • that for the worker to be able to afford celebration it is proper for employer to give Religious Holiday Allowance;
  • that to create peaceful business condition, increase workers welfare and  provide uniformity in payment the Religious Holiday Allowance  should be determined by the Minister


THR is labor allowance that must be paid by the employer to the worker or his family before the religious holiday in cash and/or other form.


  • Employer must pay THR for employee that has minimum of 3 months of continuous service
  • Former Permanent Employee that his employment terminated in period of 30-days before his Religious Holiday is still eligible for THR
  • Former Contract-based Employee that his contract terminated before his Religious Holiday is not eligible for THR


  • Employer must pay THR once a year in accordance to employee religion,
  • Payment must be made at least 7 days before Religious Holiday of each employees (unless employee and employer has agreement for other time of payment)
  • Religious Holiday in Indonesia considered for THR payment:
    • Moslem: Eid al-Fitri
    • Christian: Christmas
    • Budhist: Waisak (Vesak)
    • Hindu: Nyepi
  • Payment in Cash but payment in other form (in kind) is allowed in maximum value of 25% of total THR (but not allowed in in form of liquor, drugs/emdicine or material for drugs/medicine)


  • THR amount is minimum 1 monthly salary/wages (= basic salary + other fixed allowance) for workers that have minimum 12 month of service.
  • For workers that have > 3 months of service and <12 months of service, THR amount is apportioned accordingly (= month of service/12 x 1 monthly salary)


For employers who violate the obligation to pay THR allowance shall be subject to punishment.


For employers who unable to pay THR because of the company condition must submit request about deviation of THR amount to Directorate General of Industrial Relations and Labour Inspection at least 2 (two) months before the nearest Religious Holiday.

Google “rough” English Translation for PER-04/MEN/1994 can be found at http://bit.ly/thr-english quoted from http://www.bigwisu.com/2010/01/21/what-is-thr


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18 thoughts on “What is THR Mandatory Allowance for Workers in Indonesia?

    • Fixed Allowance in Indonesia defined by regulation is any (monthly) allowance that given not related to Performance nor Absent.
      If Food Allowance is not related to absent and given in the same amount then it is considered as Fixed Allowance. On the other hand, if the Food Allowance amount is fluctuated base on absent then it is not consider as fixed allowance.

  1. My company has a policy of NOT paying THR if the employee resigns before the THR period. Isn’t that against the law?

    • If a PERMANENT employee resign/terminate WITHIN 30 days before D-DAY (Idul Fitri/Christmas/Waisak/Nyepi) he is still eligible by REGULATIONS for (proportionate) THR.
      If CONTRACT employee resign/terminate even only ONE day before D-Day, he is NOT eligible by regulations. In this case it is up to company internal regulations or agreement with employees.

      Please refer to PERMEN 04/1994 about THR article 6 below:

      Pasal 6
      1. Pekerja yang putus hubungan kerjanya terhitung sejak waktu 30
      (tiga puluh) hari sebelum jatuh tempo Hari Raya Keagamaan
      berhak atas THR.
      2. Ketentuan sebagaimana dimaksud dalam ayat (1) tidak berlaku
      bagi pekerja dalam hubungan kerja untuk waktu tertentu yang
      hubungan kerjanya berakhir sebelum jatuh tempo Hari Raya

  2. Dear Sir,
    Seek your advice on the THR.

    Does my company still has to pay THR to an employee although we do not have an registered office in Indonesia ? This employee is under employment from HQ in Singapore

  3. Dear Sir

    My company is facing gross financial difficulties and would like to appeal for waiver of THR payment.

    Do you have a sample for me to appeal to the Director General of Industrial Relations and Manpower Control?

    Appreciate your help.


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