Download Surat Edaran Menteri Tenaga Kerja untuk Pedoman Pelaksanaan Ketenagakerjaan di Hari Libur Pilkada

Bagi yang membutuhkan salinan Surat Edaran Menakertrans yang mengatur pedoman pelaksanaan ketenagakerjaan di hari libur Pilkada  dapat didownload di posting Hak Pekerja Atas Upah Lembur Saat Bekerja di Hari Libur Pilkada

Sedangkan untuk yang membutuhkan salinan SK Mendagri yang menetapkan tanggal 20 September sebagai hari libur terkait hari pemilihan di Pilkada DKI putaran 2, dapat mendownload di sini.


About Erwin Muniruzaman

A seasoned and intelligence HR practitioner with a span of more than 12 years on overall HR experience practice in leading companies of Banking and Retail industry. Leveraging his vast knowledge on Indonesian HR practices and regulations, to build a Performance Culture organization. Currently managing all HR strategy and policies in a multiformat retail business group with almost 15.000 employees in 33 cities across Indonesia. Act as a trusted advisor to member of Board of Directors on HR matters and responsible to align HR Strategies and Initiatives with busines strategic planning. Together with HR Director have transformed a passive and administration focus HR team into more adaptive, dynamic and modern HR team that always aligned its strategy with business strategy and needs. A passionate and HR enthusiast that always eager to share his ideas, opinions and experiences about HR related topics (especially Indonesian cases) to public, as a speaker as well as a HR blog writer in his personal blog/LinkedIn Profile :

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