Download UU No. 13 tahun 2003 Ketenagakerjaan

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Menghadirkan Difabel di Ruang Kerja – Kiat Trans Retail Indonesia

Keadilan Secarik Telor Mata Sapi, Tantangan Sang Reward Manager

Mencari Intrapreneur yang 100% Indonesia

Dicari: Ninja Berpengalaman untuk Posisi Head of HR Service

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About Erwin Muniruzaman

A seasoned HR Practitioners in Retail and Banking industries in Indonesia with an astronomical background More than 12 recent years of overall experience in the HR with 8 years in full scope of Rewards Management (both Policy and Operation), 2 years in HR Operations including centralized payroll and HRIS operations and 3 year in managing Talent Acquisition. Prior to HR, he has 8 years of overall experience in lending marketing and small business loan analysis He has Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP), Universitas Atma Jaya in Dec 2011 He is responsible for developing the Corporate HR Strategy aligned with Corporate Business Strategy, Reward Strategy, Talent Acquisition strategy and creating, designing and reviewing the HR & Reward policies including salary structure, bonus, incentive scheme, health care benefits, pension fund programs and employee loans.


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